BJJ is a competitive Martial Art which focuses on dominant positions and submissions (chokes and joint locks). In class you can expect a warm up followed by a takedown techniECU logoque (Judo/Wrestling) and drilling of 2-3 positions/submissions on the ground. After drilling there are timed sessions of live training where students can test and practice the techniques they learn in class.

Our kids program will develop your child’s confidence, discipline, self-image, and teach them how to protect themselves while developing good character. They will learn to handle bullies, peer pressure, and adversity. BJJ is a physically and mentally demanding martial art that will develop strength of the body and mind. Kids learn takedowns from Judo and Wrestling as well as grappling followed by live training. This is an opportunity for the children to use what they have learned in a controlled and safe environment. Kid’s classes start at age 5. Teens usually participate in adult classes.

CT United BJJ is our competition team. Kids and adults may compete on our team.

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