AntiBullying is a major focus in our kids Jiu-Jitsu program as well as practical self-defense that can be started as young as 5 years old. Our students are given the tools they need to be mentally tough, confident, and comfortable with themselves. Having an open dialogue about bullying with our students helps build trust and a sense of community between parents, students and coaches. We truly are a team made up of tough kids and encouraging coaches with one goal: END BULLYING through the practice of Jiu-Jitsu!

These classes are included with $150 membership
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Our kids program will develop your child’s confidence, discipline, self-image, and teach them how to protect themselves while developing good character. They will learn to handle bullies, peer pressure, and adversity. BJJ is a physically and mentally demanding martial art that will develop strength of the body and mind. Kids learn takedowns from Judo and Wrestling as well as grappling followed by live training. This is an opportunity for the children to use what they have learned in a controlled and safe environment. Kid’s classes start at age 5. Teens usually participate in adult classes.

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 Kids can expect to develop their upper body strength, quickness and agility through footwork and bag work. Our classes focus on giving clear direction, teaching specific techniques and drills. Kids will improve their core strength, improve agility and work together as a team. Kids classes start at age 8. Teens usually participate in adult classes.

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Our BJJ class but only for those competing or preparing for competition.


Looking for classes for teens? Our martial arts and fitness classes are perfect.